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How do I homeschool?
05/31/2009 at 14:53 PM

My children attend a private school, I want to try to homeschool them over the summer to give them an edge next year. My son will enter third grade and my daughter will enter first grade next school year. I also have a 3 year old. I thought this would be a good place to get advice. How do I come up with ideas for for lesson plans? How do I keep them interested? What do I do with my 3 year old? I only want to do a few hours a day. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I would keep it very informal in the summer. The gradelevel workbooks you can by at most any store are fine for retaining academic skills over the summer. Get a variety of library books and read together, all of you, outloud and silently. Take advantage of community programs and resources--concert in the park, plays, Write to cousins and grandparents and friends who moved away. I do this sort of thing in the afternoon when it is too hot to play outside. If you make it too academic, your kids are burned out before school starts in the fall.

I have been homeschooling DD for one year. We enjoy it very much. Here are some of my feelings. I think the most important thing of homeschooling is that you should make plan adequately and then persevere in it. Besides, you should find some assistant tools helping you find out where you have been and whether you are teaching the right stuff. About this we are using beestar. It’s a website offering curricula based exercises every week. DD likes the worksheets very much. She said they are interersting. Good luck! Lisa

My DD is in her grade 2.for additional improvement,we use beestar too.My DD have been following its online exercises for almost 2 years. we read recommend reference materials before taking the 2 exercised every week. so we know what we should prepare. The programs are full of cute pictures and interesting stories as well.DD really loves that. you can have a try.maybe it can help! Lisa