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Homeschooling a teen
09/03/2007 at 16:56 PM

I have a teen stepdaughter who wants to homeschool/ online school. I am having major doubts if it is a good idea for her.

Last year she missed several days of school due to laziness, missing the bus, or skipping school without our knowledge. She was put on truency watch, and ultimetly failed a major class due to missed days. I feel that this lack of responsability for her education is a indicator of how she will slack in online schooling as well.

She spends a lot of time on the internet, my space etc against my better judgement and it seems like she may be wanting online schooling just to be able to stay at home all day, online.

Lastly, my husband works a lot and isnt very involved with her day to day schooling or homework. I try to help her as much as possiable when she brings home her work, but it is also challengeing for me becasue of  the new teachings. We have two younger children who are in public school and very happy. I am a busy mom and I am not sure if I will be able to monitor online schooling. And more importantly, I dont know how to make my stepdaughter take this seriously.

My husband is all for it, because he is concerned about teen behavour at high school ( skipping, drugs, parties etc)

I need some advise asap!!

Well my first concerned is she ADHD or any type disability where she cant handle school?  What is her age? I have 2 daughters one 7, one 13y. She was always late to school, could not  fall asleep or would start fights before just to burn her energy, she is ADHDw/mood disorder. Well we got her help and now she focuses, does run late just for the heck of it but she had falling depressed becasue of the classmates and the teachers not doing their part to help her or protect her or even just do their class monitoring, The principal viewed it as is was her and that she should get over it, after many struggles her therapist, my daughter and I agreed things had gone on way too long and we pulled her out I put her Indpendent Study, then an online school.  My daughter doesnt have online friends, she does have or goes to virtual animal sites. She doesnt get involved with things she knows is wrong she is too afraid of getting caught or embarrassed.  So I was thinking about your situation wondering what actions have the school interacted with you about, do they think she is hanging with a wrong crowd? Is she just falling back at this particular time? any changes in life, family, etc. Doing online schooling or homeschool is bad if it is being taught/learned appropriately, Now without knowing all that is going on with your family I would investigate more why she wants to homeschool online before making a big decision, Talk with your husband and tell him he needs to be more involve because he's daughter is slipping. THIS was tough thing for me, he blames me for not being more assertive, whatever, We are in check now. I really dont know what else to say other than hang in there, keep asking questions, and dont give up. Good luck


My stepdaughter is 16, and no she doesnt have any learning difficulties etc. She simply says she doesnt want to attend public school. I had a talk with her today to se if there are any over issues, and she mentioned that her teacher make her mad sometimes...which I think all students gets frustrated with them in High School. She also mentioned that one of her best friends is taking online school this year, and that is how she found out about it. Other than that, she just says she doesnt wat to go to regular school.

Are theses viable reasons or not? I want to do what is best for her. I feel like she is just following her friends idea. Also, how much interaction do I need to have with Online schooling?


I had a friend here who's daughter did one year with the Florida Virtual School online and it worked out fine.She did not like all the drugs, drinking at school and wanted to be homeschooled. After 2 years she decided to go back to her public high school(much stronger and able to resist temptation) and graduated with her class. The virtual school has goals that must be meet. Why not try it for 1/2 a year and see how it goes?? The public school will always be there and she will have to do her assignments and keep up her credits to graduated wherever she goes.  At 16 she can do a dual enrollment with the local college( in most places), I remember hating my math teacher and then when I went to guidance and told them to switch my class to another teacher, I actually enjoyed my new math class(mid year I did this in 9th grade) Best wishes to you and your stepdaughter.


Hi, Home Schooling for her may be your best choice. At least you can set ground rules and supervise what she is doing. At this point, she may rebel and quit school all together, which would be tragic. There are ways you can monitor what she is doing online. Most virtual schools send parents progress reports. You have to do what you have to do as a parent! Try all efforts to get her to continue her education and graduate. Then, if she quits - she can't blame no one but herself. I can help!

I tutor 4th graders right now, but last year...I tutored a spec ed teen student one on one at the high school...if your step daughter has a learning disability check with the counselor or principal to see if resource classes are available, or if they can get a tutor to meet with them for one on one instruction...:-) if she is 16 (may differ state to state) there are programs at colleges that may have a program too! check it out...also do you have open communication with your step daughter???? if not is there a support group that can help. There is also some mental health facilities that have education/therapy programs for children and teens...for three years I took teens to these programs where I worked...and volunteered...hope I helped donnaj :-)

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