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Homeschooling special ed teens
08/23/2007 at 02:42 AM

My son has successfully been in school for about four years and is entering his 9th grade year, only the school is back to the old games again and I simply do not trust them to do anything for the best interest of my child. He has friends who are moving on, however I shudder to think of what they will do to him and all the hard work I have put into his education and life. Does anyone have exprience in homeschooling children with LD and AS? Or know of anything of services available for them? All suggestions welcomed. Thank you for considering my request.

Hey ucgirl,


I don't have any experience with what you are questioning about but I am sure someone here does---anyone have any help or ideas?




I homeschool two kids, 11 & 9, and the 11-year-old is LD. I've had him in public school, but we moved to a new district and my son took an academic turn for the worse. So this year, not being able to afford my own curriculum, I went with a Virtual Charter School. It's public school in a home environment. In the state I live in (Ohio), there are several. I went with Connections Academy, but there are schools offering more goodies. I went with CA because it had the most flexibility. Usually the school provides a top-quality curriculum, a computer (one per child in my state), a printer and pays for your Internet. The good thing about it is it is like homeschooling, but the Virtual School goes by the last school's IEP and then creates a new one adjusting the work for your child. For true homeschooling, you'd have to figure out adjusting the work yourself. You may feel comfortable doing that. I wouldn't have a problem doing it myself, since I know my child and what he's capable of, but I may not be in the position to homeschool next year and this will make it easier to transition if he needs to go back to public.

I've been completely impressed with what CA has to offer. It offers websites that will help your child learn (they are $$, and schools have to pay quite a bit to join them - but are free to you if enrolled) as well as field trips with other virtual schoolers if you have the wherewithal to get to the locations. The children's teachers will talk to your children on the phone and webmail to give direction and help as well as keep a dialogue with you.

Google 'virtual public schools' in your state. CA is in several states but not all of them.

Good luck. 


I'm familiary with a service that may be of some help with your situation. Not sure where you're based, but it's in Atlanta and called Practice in Motion Training Institute. They are set up to provide teleconferences and phone consultations that can be extremely helpful. You can go to and see how they might assist you. They have over 15 experience working with special needs children of all ages.