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Homeschooling and divorced families.
04/09/2010 at 11:51 AM

I am interested in homeschooling my boys but am unsure how it would work since two of my boys are step-children and have to visit their biological mother on occasion for a week at a time. How would homeschooling work for them...would she be responsible for their school work during that week or would I have to catch them up when they returned from her home? I would appreciate any insight or advice.

Make sure your custody agreement allows for homeschool. I think that if their mom has the flexibility to supervise them in homeschool that would be terrific, but it is a commitment that you should not make on her behalf.

I agree with Mayamay. Is there a reason that you are not asking this question to the mother herself? Does the father have sole decision making authority? This question could best be answered by the boy's mother. When the kids are with her, that is her time to be with them. What is the fathers opinion on this?

My husband and I and in the very early stages of discussing this possible change, and I really would like to have "done my homework" and have answers before I approach this subject with the boy's mother. That's why I am wondering how this will effect her time with them and what her responsibilities would be so that I know how to present it to her. Yes, my husband has custody and their mom has visitation.

When you are planning out your year, are you able to know ahead of time when she will have them? If so, then you will just have to plan your school year around those moments. Maybe have them read a book and do a book report that week they are there but not expect more than that. I plan my school year 2 months at a time and I plan in days off.. so when you are making up their calendar you will just have to plan for their 'school breaks' to be when they are with her. Or have them double up on assignments the week or so before they leave to her house so they can take a break with the rest of the family. I have seen families do it but usually they don't expect the non-custodial parent to do any teaching or have any responsibility in making sure work gets done. If she is wanting to do something, maybe assign her field trips and over-seeing some research for reports while they are there.