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Homeschooling a child with ADHD
04/21/2008 at 21:50 PM

I have a 12 year old son in the 6th grade who has ADHD and bipolar.   I am thinking about homeschooling him and wonder if anyone else homeschools a child with ADHD.

Hi, my 9 yr old son has tourette syndrome ( confirmed by doctor ) and I believe ADHD also. We've been homeschooling for almost a year. I also have a daughter who is one of those ' perfect students '- she can sit for hours and do seatwork, while my son needs frequent breaks. It's been tricky figuring out how to teach both kids with very different learning styles, but we've managed. I expect next year to go more smoothly. It shouldn't be too difficult with just one and at that age. He should be able to do alot on his own and he should be able to choose some of the things he learns about. I've found that with my kids, if I let them have SOME say in what we're learning, the day goes much smoother and they learn more!

Hi I'm new to homeschooling - this is our 1st year. I am scared to death, but i believe it will work out. I will make it work. My DD is adhd and anxiety prbs. She is 13 and has had allot of injuries in school that have prevented her from attending regularly, and i was just getting sick of the schools freek out over abcences, that I started having bad anxiety over and had to quit my job(the meds make me worse) I also have a 5yr old boy who will attend pre-k this yr.I dont have many supporting me with the homeschooling but... no-one supported me much when i was going to breast feed either! and that worked out.

School's today do not have the patience to deal with a child that has been classified by some medical term. Home Schooling may be the best choice for you, otherwise, your child could be swept into the cracks. What happened to "NO Child Left Behind."

Help!My DD has ADHD. I want to homeschool so bad,because she doesnt seem to be happy anymore,among other things.Frustration abounds and the curriculum at the school she is in now, is way over a 2nd graders head.My niece in 5th grade is just starting to learn it!As you can imagine, it is a private school,and the teacher has been telling her she has a "bad attitude",but really,is only frustrated beyond belief. There is difficulties at home,too,with homework.I think I would rather poke a needle in my eye because of the homework frustrations -and lack of time to do it-if we had more time I think she would prosper. Could homeschooling work for us?

My son is 9. He has homeschooled since last year. He has gone from C and D to A n Bs. We use Time 4 Learning. It is an online curriculum. He loves it and it is helping him way more than when he was in public school.

Hi, my name is Jaci and I am taking a course on students with special needs at Southeastern Illinois College. As an assignment, we have to log on to this site and ask about personal experiences raising a child with special needs- like how the disability affects the rest of the family, and how it affects the collaboration between family and teacher. I am also curious how homeschooling has made your child's learning experience better or worse. You can reply by commenting on this thread or you can email me at Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I suggest you try educational tools and e-learning software that encourage your child to learn independently and under your supervision. My second grandson had a similar sort of condition. We all were sad, disappointed, and concerned about him. My son introduced a phonics reading program and, in about 2 weeks, we all noticed that he had improved his reading & learning skills. It really worked for him :) You can take a readiness test here to assess where your child stands and how to best proceed with the EasyPhonics program and improve his reading skills

Homeschooling is a good option for your child as the majority of schools don’t have efficient medical facilities available.