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Homeschool pre-school
06/09/2007 at 00:45 AM

I've found a program that I like for preschooling my 3 year old. It's called "Ready Set School," and is available through our local family community resource center for free. We get together with a few other moms and their kids, and the kids really have a great time. I haven't been in charge yet, but it seems pretty simple. I wanted to know what programs other moms have used and liked, or used and not liked. 

Hey Jo


I am not familiar with any programs but maybe someone here is.  What do the other moms use?




I was wondering where you picked this up because I have not been able to locate it anywhere.  Can you please help out.  I would like to use this for my 3 year old also so that he can get all prepared for me to homeschool him this year and the years to follow along with his older brother.  Thanks for the information.

Proud Mother to my soon to be homeschooled boys, Caleb 9/28/00 and Cory 9/2/03


Hi Kreddell:

Did you check out the other alternatives to homeschooling such as the public or private schools in your area? Before you decided to homeschool your kids, did you have a bad experience with either the public or private schools? If you don't mind me asking, what are the reasons that you're homeschooling your kids? I hope everything works out for you.


Hi Nanlisa,

I did check out alternatives to homeschooling before my decision was made.  I found that I could not afford to send my son to private school and I tried to do an intradistrict transfer and was denied.  I don't mind you asking these questions. I have chosen to homeschool my children because our home school that we are zoned for is not up to the standards that I want my children to learn at.  My son is a very bright child and grasps concepts very easily.  His home school did not give him the oportunities that he needs to excel further in his education.  I have had multiple horrible experiences with his public school and that is another reason why I have chosen to homeschool my children.  I want what is best for them. 

Proud Mother to my soon to be homeschooled boys, Caleb 9/28/00 and Cory 9/2/03.


Totally recommend the Free Preschool Bible Curriculum online: Absolutely love it!! We use it for our children. Biblically based with academics, character education, songs, rhymes, letters, numbers, memory verses. Hope it will bless your family as it has ours.

looking for homeschool for 5 and an half female, not potty broke, understandibly. must home school till other takes place. how do i find out all this info?? concerned grandma.