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hello new to home schooling
11/17/2007 at 12:05 PM

Hello everyone i  have just took my children out of school to start home educating them it is going ok i have 5 children age 7, 5, 4, 2, and 1, with bump due next year i found that the school was not very good my son could not even spell his name since i have had him home he can so i dont know what hes been doing at school .

You are going to have your hands full!  I have home schooled about half of my children off and on.  My 10-year old got frustrated in Kindergarten with all the busy-work, and then in 3rd grade she got infected with math anxiety, so she was in school, let's see, she went in Kindergarten until Halloween, then went back to first grade around Valentine's day, then I had her out of 4th Grade, she didn't go at all, and now she's in 5th Grade and doing OK. 

I have found that most children can learn in about 1/3 the time at home what takes a full 6 1/2 hour day at school.  The thing to watch for is writing. Not just hand-writing, but the composing/reasoning/editing.  That really gets going in 4th grade at school, but I think there's no reason to wait until then.   If you want specific tips, just ask!



Wow, I am impressed, I have 3 grown children and if I had to do it over i would definatley home school.  I reccomend that you find a teen or tween to help you at least a couple days a week. if I lived close I would definatley help. Try to find  maybe even an grandma whose granchildren may be far away. she may be happpy to help you maybe once or twice a week.

So much of learning is assimulated thru the natural course of a day. have fun and remember train, praise and love your children



I tutor 3 homeschool kids and the parents get a break for one hour...you might want to put an ad in your local paper for retired teacher to help if needed...I was sad to hear your child wasn't writing...I am a teacher in between jobs.(I was laid off due to budget cuts in Arizona) I hope I helped...donna j :-)

A standard deck of cards is essential equipment for your math program. Children associate the numeral with the number of pips, and you can do comparison, addition, subtraction, sequence, and skip-counting while playing traditional cardgames or making up your own. A deck of cards is a natural laboratory for classic probability problems. Take out the face-cards and write on the remaining cards to make a set of integer cards. Put in a joker for the zero, turn the diamonds from A-10 to 11, 12, 13, 14 . . ., the clubs to 21, 22, 23 . . ., the spades to 31, 32, 33 . . .. Parcheesi with standard dice is great, or go to your local toy store or school supply store and you can get 10-sided dice, or 12-sided dice, which make practicing addition facts to 10 + 10 or 12 + 12 part of the game. You can also get an "operations" die which has +, -, x, and divide on the sides. You can get them with square roots and exponent, too. Just ignore those sides until you teach the concept (4th grade, usually). Monopoly or a similar game that gets your child making change makes subtraction a natural skill. Real money also works for this, a garage sale could be your final exam! If you have to buy a brand-new parcheesi game and monopoly game and deck of cards, you'll spend maybe $40. Check your thrift store/garage sales for used games. I've heard that writing is the most difficult thing to address in home-school. The thing I did that finally worked was to have a project every week (longer for complicated subjects/projects) that required some kind of presentation. The subject of the project was usually science or social studies or literature. The format of the presentation could be a poster, a poem, an oral presentation (with a written outline and documentation), a letter to grandma, a newspaper article, a magazine article, an internet article (which you can actually "publish" of course!). Use the "Six traits plus one" formula for giving feedback on the project. Then move on. There is a temptation to polish a project to death. DON'T DO IT! You will never achieve perfection. Progress is your goal.

Welcome to home schooling, this is our first year! I am home schooling four! Ages 16, 12, 10, & 4. Although it is challenging, I would not send my kids back to pubic school, unless they want it. And they don't! They asked me to home school them. Yes it's lots of work, luckily there are many resources on the internet and some communities offer resources. The public library and park districts are great places too! Luckily, the state we live in, has very relaxed rules for home schoolers. Thank goodness for freedom. For some extra reassurance visit the website of the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Assoc.) they are good for legal and education advice!

Hello I'm going to be homeschooling my 4 children 13-10-7-6 come this fall and would like to know if anyne could give me a few ideas for good citizenship. Thanks.