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has anyone tried on-line tutoring
09/07/2007 at 14:09 PM

I'm trying to help my 5th grade grandson who is having a lot of trouble with math.  Has anyone tried on line tutoring? Any web sites to suggest.  Thanks in adavance.

Good luck finding tutoring.  I also would like to find tutoring help for my son.  My sister was a teacher for 25 years.  She is not in favor of the mass market tutors (Sylvan, etc) because they promise to raise the child's abilites to grade level-they test them before and after.  If the child tests one grade level higher according to their tests they've fulfilled their promise to you.  Your child may not actually test that way on a school or state given test.  She recommends hiring one of the teachers from school.  Not only do they know what is happening at your school,but the one on one environment makes it easier for a child to learn.   Some of these teachers may even be willing to do this on-line for you. Unfortunately, my son sees my sister as someone to have fun with and flat out refuses to listen to her as a teacher.  That is forcing me to look for a tutor!


I think the math games are a better bet than online tutoring. A live tutor is better still.