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01/13/2011 at 09:54 AM

i'm the proud parent of 3 (soon to be 4). currently the oldest is in public school (2nd grade) & one is in pre-k. i am considering homeschooling & came here to get some info & learn a thing or two (or three!).

You said you were a praying person, so I hope it will be OK to put this in religious terms.
I see forgiveness as the mirror of repentance. If someone repented, but continued the sinful behavior, would that count as repentance? I don't think it would. If someone forgives someone else, but the sinful behavior still continues, I don't count that as forgiving. Think about that for a while.


Here's a question that seems irrelevant.

If I wrote you a check for $50, how much money would you give me?

This is not a trick question--you'd give me fifty dollars. That is called honoring a check.

Is it honoring a check to give me fifty dollars if I write the check for $2? Of course not.


So here is the relevant scripture.
Exodus 20:12. Honor thy father and thy mother. Your mother-in-law gave life to your husband. That's significant. To honor his mother, your husband needs to be sure that she has the basic necessities of life. He does not have to provide them himself. If she were destitute, he could help her find resources, perhaps from the community, to provide for her. That is all he need do to honor her. She wrote him a $2 check. She did not protect him, nurture him, love him. Neither he nor you is obligated to a relationship.


Let me know if this made any sense to you


I tend to take people for who they are. I do not place much value on the family hierarchy. I will not chase after people in order to maintain a relationship. If grandma does not wish to be a part of her grandkids lives, so be it. I wouldn’t try to force the relationship because the kids are the ones that will be hurt. Let her know that the door is always open when she chooses to act like a mother and a grandmother, but until then have a nice life.


SnglDad's advice is echoed in Luke 17:3, Matthew 18:17. If you offer to reconcile and the other person does not take the opportunity, it is correct to treat that person like a stranger.