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fun learning suggestions
01/13/2011 at 12:54 PM

i'm the proud parent of 3 (soon to be 4). currently the oldest is in public school (2nd grade) & one is in pre-k. i am considering homeschooling & came here to get some info & learn a thing or two (or three!).

add some extra stuff that they will enjoy and not be able to get from public school. Try to find other HOMESCHOOL kids in your neighborhood to go on fieldtrips with. That will be exciting for them too. The success rate of homeschooling I HEAR is minimum because it is very hard work. I only have 1 to homeschool my 8 year old. good luck. it is fun and you know what by the end of this year i will BE SMARTER THAN A THIRD GRADER.

Other ways you try to improve your kids creativity via kids story writing portal, on the internet many online user friendly websites helps your kids to improve his/her language skill .... some days ago i use one of the same website name as Imaginative Story writing will help your kids to develop their writing by using their thoughts with a fine story.

I just wrote a post about how great ebooks have been for my little girl Bree. She is five and just now becoming interested in reading independently. The ebooks really sparked her interest because they are interactive. These are the two she likes the best!

Computer technology has changed the learning pattern of the students. They are no more interested learning in class watching instructors jot figures on black or white boards monotonously with little interaction with them. Students are now prone to look for instructors who integrate electronic media with their teaching pattern. Students feel more involved in learning concepts and develop interest to demonstrate their knowledge and skills practically in studies as well. Education media are available in a variety of tools like computer software, animations and activities online, animated lessons and interactive games.

My DD loves learning online. We are now uing beestar. It offers pros including math, reading, science, etc. The worksheets are corriculum-based and problem-solving type, good to help kids thinking. DD enjoys it a lot. You can have a try. Lisa

There are so many great learning opportunities outside of the home, outside of the classroom. If you live in a metropolitan area there will be a wealth of museums, galleries, exhibits, music venues, etc. But even in a small town, there can be great learning opportunities to be had without your nose in a text book. Structured learning in a classroom setting has its place, but I think some of the most profound teaching moments come out in the real world. Seek out opportunities to let that happen! -- Luke Bartolomeo -- for iOS