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Being asked by strangers why your kids aren't in school
06/25/2007 at 22:23 PM
If your kids are being homeschooled and if you take them  on an outing, do people stop and ask you why your kids aren't in school? How do you respond to that? I'd like to hear from you.

Well strictly speaking they ARE in school aren't they??

I have been asked more times than I care to mention and it only gets easier as they get older, especially as the results are speaking for themselves now........ luckily I don't have to explain my motives quite so much nowadays because its pretty obvious that I'm not depriving my daughter of her education.


NONE OF YOUR Business  ..........                                        no just kidding   however you do not have to explain to a stranger why your children are not in school . But if you feel the need to explain tell them nicely well if you must know my children are being homeschooled thank you for your concern and have a nice day .


I happen to be  homeschooled , I didn't know how to tell people at first, I was  natually shy ,so that didn't help any .But after a few times of telling people I got more used to it and as I've gotten older become not shy .In the summer no one even asked because alot of kids are out of school for summer of course.But when school is going on through aug-june or whenever the public schools start in different areas , I simply just say ''no I've fishished my school for the day'' and they don't ask why normaly or I say ''No I don't go to public school'' and if they ask where i go i simply tell them the place that i'm getting my diploma from . But I have gotten used to being asked this questions by people who do not know me very well.


Well, depending on what we were doing and what my mood was at the time...frequently, I responded that the world is our classroom. There is something to be learned everywhere we go - if not newly learned, then practiced (homework!). My kids just smiled and said "we're homeschooled" when asked...I was the one who usually liked to make some kind of point with my answer. Sometimes, though, I did just say that the kids were being homeschooled, and it was recess time (or field trip, homework, centers..all the 'regular school' terminology that makes people more comfortable but that also helps establish that even at 'real school' not all time is spent sitting at a desk being on-task with pencil in hand.


Honestly I have never been asked why my children aren't in school.  I have heard that others in the co-op we belong to will not let their children out in public until after 3pm because they don't want trouble.  This is what I say...I have done nothing wrong and I will not punish myself or my children for the way I choose to educate them.  Until others start paying my bills living our lives it really is none of their business.


My response is easy, would you put your kids in public school?? I have  6 & 8 year old's we have been homeschooling since my oldest went to a public school for Kindergarden and came home pronouncing the alphabet in spanish, his teacher told us that the majority of kids were non english speaking students, OH NO, you talk about confused this is America he will learn English first then you can teach him a 2nd language after he masters his first, there is also the violence in public schools, the removal of God and religion, I don't care how you look at it, it is History! Plain and simple we are giving our children Higher education while keeping them in a safe enviroment no colds, head lice, or black eyes. End of conversation.


nine times out of ten I don't really have to say anything because my two boy's will pipe in and say we homeschool LOL.  They are very proud that they homeschool and aren't shy to tell anyone.  They are seven and five now.  They have never been in a public school so this is just natural for them.  I haven't had many negative comments so I guess that's good.


i agree withy ou mjax, i always let people know that the education that my children are getting far surpasses that of the public school. We are in a structured home doing homeschooling. I let the curious ones know we start our day at a very specific time and end at a specific time. The work they are doing is actually harder than their friends. By the time I am done explaining the benefits including the Christian educational values they are getting, the interested party is ususally"wow". I always let them know I choose to homeschool to teach my children the values that are no longer present in the public school and my level of expectation(doing their  assignments, reports, homework etc) is so much more stricter now that I am homeschooling them. When my kids were in public and Christian schools I did not have a clue as to what they were really learning, Well now I do! They love being homeschooled. They were shy about going out in public in the middle of the day(if we were attending a homeschool class, outing) until finally they realized other kids think it is really "cool" to be homeschooled and the ones that don't, my 12 year  old daughter has a way of letting them know what she is learning is so much more than what the public school is teaching! Education included with God.


I just tell them we are on an outing, then model good conversation style for the children by asking the stranger about their activities/job/whatever.  I think it's great when other people start a conversation, and it doesn't always have to turn into a focus on us


I am a homeschooling parent of a 4 yrs old and a 9 yrs old and a 4 months old. This actually happened to me today, I made a short trip to the bank and the clerk ask me this question so usually, when we do outings I will have my kids wear T-shirts that we designed. The T-shirts  states " I am a Homeschooler and loving it".


I reply that they are HSed and are in good company, here is a small list of famous people who were HSed --

This was our first year homeschooling. My kids are 2, 7 and 9 - I've only been asked a couple of times. Most people are just making chit chat when they ask anyway. I just smile and say " We homeschool. " No one has ever questioned me further.

This happens to us all of the time. My children ages 7 and 10 are not shy about telling everyone that are home schooled! They love it are happy to answer all of the questions that may get thrown at them. We usually take a break around mid-day, to get out of the house for some fresh air "gym class" or off to the library to pick up a new book for our latest essay or research report.The ladies at our libary know us now and the questions have stopped there, but if we happen to get side tracked to the store or the bank, the questions are there again. I respond with the usual "we homeschool" or "Its break time for us" The girls proudly Shout "Our mom is our teacher!!" Most are happy enough with that answer, some look confused. But in the end I know we have made the right choice and my kids are getting the best education possible. Without the stress of having to deal with drugs , bullies, peer pressure and so on..

They ask, and I tell the we home school. If they ask more questions, I give them explenations to satisfy their need to learn my about our "situation". And sometimes it gets frusterating with some with their ignorance & unwillingness to understand, those ones I usually end the conversation with something like "Well I can see that you are asking questions that you are unwilling to accept as educated truth and are only willing to accept answers that make sense to you through your lack of modern 'independent' educatonal way of thinking so there is no real purpose in continuing this conversation with you, have a nice day & thank you for your time & concern, good bye" It usually stumps them enough to give me a chance to get away from them without anymore inquaries to my family "issues". And then there are some who love the idea & just want learn more about what we do & maybe how to do it themselves. Strangers are easy to deal with cause you can get away from them and not worry about them any more. It's the family and friends that can be the challenge. But thats a whole new discussion/subject all it's own.