Help!! I feel like im failing
07/29/2010 at 16:55 PM

My children dont lissen to a thing i say. I have screamed so much some days that i lost my voice. Ive tryed time out and beating there butts which i hate. I started taking things away like toys, the tv, desert. It dosent seem to matter what to do they just dont care what i say.

My children are 5,3,and 1, The baby(1) cant really do enything to make me upset at his age but his brothers drive me up the wall. At bed time they keep getting out of bed, they fight, are mean to the baby, talk back, tell me im not there boss.

All of my children are boys. I feel like im going to go crazy if they dont start to lissen sometimes i just sit down and cry because they have me so stressed out.

My husband works all day 12-8 and i am a stay at home mom with the kids. My older two are about to start to school and sadly i cant wait for a little time to not be yelling.

Please tell me what to do to make them lissen.....