Help!!! - FamilyEducation
09/02/2010 at 16:12 PM

Help!!!. My husband has been manipulating my dauter against me. He put me down in front of my daughter. If I told her to spend less time on computer games, he told her that I was wrong in front of her. If I told her to practice math, he would say do it so Mommy won't criticize you. He is jealous when my daughter tells or shows me things. He would ask her what she is showing me and won't go away until she does. So I had to go away and so couln't see what she wanted to show me. He doesn't want me to sit in the back of the car with her, and spending minutes in bed with her at night before she goes to bed would make him mad. He would let me take her to swim practice once in a while if I tell him that I have to go grocery shopping and so drop her off at the pool. My daugher said to me "Mommy, tell Daddy that you want to take me. If I tell him that I want then he won't let it happen". He used his negative opinions on things I did that he disagreed to form her negative expression on me. He trashed TV shows I watched that he didn't like in fron of my daughter. Any answers I gave her he would say it's wrong or added something to it to make him knowledgable. Because of him, my daughter doesn't respect me and think of me as unknowledgable mother. I can raise her because of him. I think he used her to control over me. What do I do?

It's NOT ok for one parent to trash talk about the other. Doesn't matter if you're married, divorced, right or wrong. It's just not alright to do that to each other or your kids. Maybe try marriage counseling or a long talk, just try to get 'on the same page' parenting-wise. Good luck & God bless.