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Required advise with the sleeping isuue
04/07/2008 at 08:33 AM

My Son is 10 months old and i am a working mom. I strive to be with him bcos in comibned family have to cook in morning as well as in evening. Day time i an in office. I am having very good relations with my in laws. These days they  r pressurising me that my son will sleep with them when he will be of 1 year. I done agree with them bocs i want him to be with me atleast in the night. I could not spend enough time with him so i prefer that he wil be with me in night. But they are pressurisin to keep him with them.

What shall i do? please help me

You are the parent, simply tell them no. Do not allow them to pressure you in to doing something you do not want to.

What does your partner/husband think of this idea? I think it is very important that he spends this time with you. He needs to be with his Mummy when possible, and you need the bonding time together. Don't let them tell you what to do. You are his Mum and know what's best for you and your child. It is wonderful for your child to see you as he falls asleep and wakes up in the morning. Stick with it and good luck.

Sometimes it's hard to say no especially when they help you out with your child and you have a good friendship with them. However, you HAVE to just say no and explain why respectfully and then stick to your guns. Don't say you want to do it for now or that you might think about it. Be CLEAR and say your baby will sleep with you and leave it at that.

Hi I am a Grandmom to 3 little boys, Mother of 2 son's. I am telling you about my sons children. I love them dearly. I raised my oldest grandson for the first year of his life. My oldest grandson has never spent the night in his own bed, but with my son (when he comes to visit us he sleeps with us.) That was one of the first problems between his wife and him. She went to sleep in the spare bedroom so that she could sleep as my grandson is a restless sleeper. He is now over 7 and will not sleep in his own bed. They are now divorced, this was not the reason but it didn't help. I think that an occasional night with mom & dad is fine for them but they need to have there own space. Their own bed. My other grandson have always had their own beds. In the begining they spent the night next to mom in their own little crib. But after 6 months or so they go into their own bedrooms. This also makes it better for you and your husband. If they wake up crying then mom takes them into bed with her. But you have to do what suits you. It is just so hard to break a bad habit. We had cousins that did the same thing and they never got the children out of their beds until the were 12 + years old. As far as your parents telling you that your child should sleep with them and not you it's crazy it's your baby. Yes I know I said my oldest grandson sleeps with us when he comes to visit but we live 580 miles away now and it is his choice. Dad is also glad to get a break. I hope that this gives you some other insite and help.