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New grandchild
11/25/2007 at 13:52 PM

Not a query or problem. Just wanted to tell the World that my newest baby grandson was born on the 19th, two weeks early but healthy. He has been named Ryan. He has a big sister Katie, who is 9, and a big brother Arron who is only 11 months old. The whole family is delighted.

Congratulations!  What a host of possibilities come with a new life in the world. 


Hey Stephy


Congrats on your new grandchild!  How exciting!


Tell us what the best thing about being a grandmother is!




Being a grandmother is........hard to explain why it feels so good. It's strange seeing the baby that you had have children of their own. You have built up years of knowledge and experience which can be passed down to help this new generation. Just knowing that whatever else you've done in your life, this is one indelible mark you made. You can also have all the pleasure of  looking after and being with these beautiful little people [and hand them back again later on] Seeing my baby all grown up and being in her own wee happy family. You feel that you want to make sure your children are happy before you go [many years away yet I hope]. She is a very good mother.