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my mom
01/29/2012 at 23:58 PM

i need some help, my mom lost her house and so she is living with me and my husband which is fine, i actually enjoy having her here but my concern is my daughter she is a year old and my mom has lived here since she was born. my daughter always runs to her and also when i try to punish her for getting into something that she is not aloud to my mom steps in.

also when it comes time for dinner or lunch she always says why dont you feed her this or that, and i guess i just get upset and feel like she is telling me what to do.

im not sure if im taking it all in wrong, i have talk to my mom and she said she dont mean anything by it and that she will try to step back. but i just feel like i cant parent my daughter right because of my i wrong for thinking she is taking over. she helps me out alot..

You and your mom need to talk together and figure out how to baby-proof the house so that neither one of you needs to punish. She's a one-year old. You need to get things put away so that she can't get into things that are dangerous or that she can ruin.

thank you for the reply me and my mom sat down and talk about it, i do still put her in a time out when she throws her fits and i do smack her hand when she does touch stuff to teach her not to, we do have everything baby proof and had since she had started to crawl... everything now is working the way i want it to

im a mother and a 36 year old grandmother and yes i to am guilty of giving to much advice to my daughter. i doit so she can learn and i dont meen to try and tell her what to do, i dont get mad when she doesnt take my advice all the time, i know that she needs to learn how to parent in her own way as well as with a little help.

im a mother at 16 and already has 2 kids and im telling you th at its pain sometimes i just wish that i could've waited til i was out of school because now it is hard when you come home from school and have to take care of 2 kids and have to do home work also... well i get mad sometimes when my mother an't here to help me when im trying to do my schooling its pretty hard to do... SO IF YALL PLEASE MIND DON'T DO LIKE ME AND HAVE A CHILD AT 15 AND 16 BECAUSE ITS NOT PRETTY ITS HARD WORK..