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I need some advice
02/15/2008 at 17:44 PM

My 15 yr old son and his 16yr old girlfriend just had a baby in Dec. He lives with his girlfriend and her mother and its not my choice. His dad said that he could, his dad has fully custody of him. But my problem is that the girlfriends mother wont let me keep my grandchild at all. I have tried to talk to her and she said that the only way is if my son and his girlfriend spent the weekend..Well now its a different story she is saying that she didnt say that. So I don't know what to do.


          Did u talk 2 his father about this problem? I think that she doesn't need to dip n ur and ur grandsons bussiness. I think that if he thought he was old enough to have a child then he should be old enough to make his own chocies. I'm sorry for what is going on but all you can do is maybe talk with the father. Thanks for reading!


So it sounds like the other grandma is taking most if not all of the responsibility for rearing the child, is that right?  I don't think that a 3 month old baby should be "kept" by anybody but the people who are rearing the baby, unless there is a medical emergency or something.  My grandchildren come eat lunch with me sometimes, in the company of their parents.  Right now I take care of them on Monday mornings (they are 3 and 2 years old) because their mom has something else she has to do.  I watch them while their parents are busy with other things, but I don't think I've ever "kept" them.  Am I just hung up on terminology? 


I think by the use of the word “keep” you mean that you want to keep the baby for an overnight visit or two. Visitation with grandparents is set by the LEGAL parents. Because your son chose to have a baby outside of wedlock he first must establish paternity in order to exercise his rights as a father. Because the mother is legally still a child, her mother is her guardian, which means that until your son establishes paternity , maternal grandmother has say. When is your visitation time with your son? Ask him to bring the baby with him then.