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help with our 3 year old
04/15/2008 at 14:36 PM

We are having some problems with raising our 3 year old grandaughter, we have taken on the responsibility of raising her due to problems with our daughter, we ahve mwde real progress in the setting up a routine and many of the other things needed to get the learning proscess up and running, but we can not get time to our selves, for some reason our grandaughter  will not play on her own, no matter what we try, so can any one help us please, we need to be able to sit and relax while she plays, but this is impossible at the moment.


Work out play dates with a neighbor. Trade an hour on Tuesday for an hour on Thursday or something. Three year-olds are very social and don't play well on their own.

Well, the truth is, you have a three year old now. God bless you for taking her into your home and working a schedule and such. Please remember, three year olds want to play with you. They don't just play quietly so you can enjoy a show, the world revolves around them. They are not completely able to see things from your perspective until they are like 7 years old. That's why a little kid will stand right in front of the tv and never even think about the fact that nobody else can see it. I know gail is right, you should try to find a playmate for her. Maybe ask in church or something. Take a little one in your home to play with her once a week or so and have her go to a trusted home once a week. You are the only ppl in the house and she wants to play; that's all she knows.

thanks gail, we will try this and you are right about the social bit, so we will take it on board, many thanks.

thanks for the notes tamz, we have used the comments from you and gail and they are already proving to help us, we already have a trusted night time routine now and we get a good nights rest. the finding a friend to play with is proving a little harder to sort at the moment but we will get there, so thanks again to the both of you.