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HELP!! Please!
09/11/2012 at 03:42 AM

Hello, I need urgent help to figure out what to do. My aunt and her husband rent a house with 3 bedrooms, they have 3 daughters, my uncle and grandma also live there. My uncle lives in the basement and grandma in one room. with the 3 girls sharing a room and my aunt and husband in the other one. About 2 years ago, my uncle and grandma used to live in a different house but my aunt and her husband were having financial problems and asked for my grandma and uncle to move in. It was a win-win situation because my grandma wouldn't be alone most of the time and they helped with the rent. Now they are doing better financially and have asked them to move out, this really ticked me off, I understand they want more privacy, but at the same time I don't think is right, the problem is my uncle works 2 minimum wage jobs and wouldn't be able to afford a 2 bedroom apt, nor a studio, my grandma is at an age where we wouldn't want her to be all day by herself, the other members of the family are my mom, dad and brother that live in a 2 bedroom apt, dad is disabled and mom is the bread winner of the house, so they can't accommodate them either. I just moved to a city and share an apt, so I can't either, I'm barely making it out here! I am starting to think that my aunt and her husband are very selfish, because this is going to be a huge problem for everyone, unless we all contribute and help, which I think is the only solution. I'm still very concerned with grandma, she is going to be by herself all day and I know she won't be happy. I've gotten very angry and the only thing i want to do is throw all the things on their face that me, my mom and dad have done for my aunt and uncle, including chipping in for food when he didn't have a job, or having their insurance on our name because it was cheaper, but I know that's not the right thing to do. Help please!