HELP! I have a full house
02/08/2012 at 16:21 PM

Time to vent to others who can be objective. My 28 year old daughter with two boys 7 and 5 have not choice to live with us since she works but cannot afford to rent a place of her own. We are drving each other crazy more and more. I am an outcast in my group of peers because their children are happily married and live away and I am insanely jealous. I HATE MY SON IN LAW WITH A PASSION not for leaving her, but for not giving a flying flip about his kids and paying when he wants to . Last hearing the judge told him in a conference call to get a job and pay. I don't know what causes my anger more , the crap he is pulling or the fact that I cannot have an empty nest that I should have at the age of 55 since I paid my full dues sacrificing my life and needs and theirs. I will stop there and continue if someone will is so bad I have to take Xanax each time I watch them now.....please help me.....I work full time and hate to come home! When weekends roll around I aske "is it Monday yet" and on Fridays I cringe at the weekends.. please help me, I need prayer and all of this has caused me to alienate my best child hood friend who has told me I really need to get my act together....she means well though and she is right. PLEASE HELP ME! ....I am desperate and sometimes wish I were dead!