Curious - FamilyEducation
06/28/2008 at 09:54 AM

I am very curious. How many raise thier grandchildren full time?  How many get assistance?  Do you belong to a support group?


I have had my grandsons all thier young lives and I can not imagine life without them. They are wonderful, energetic, curious, time consuming miracles from above. I  thank God daily that I have had the honors of  being with them and watching them discover and grow.  What a blessing.

I, too, am a stay at home parent, and I love every bit of it. There are tough days, but isn't that the case w/ most things? I made my decision to stay home b/c I was able to, and I prefered it that way. For us to pay someone to raise our children wldn't be worth it for us. We live comfortably, but we don't make that much money to be able to pay a caregiver. We also don't have family close by to help us. I'm very happy w/ my decision, and I'm greatful that I have the opportunity to stay home w/ my children and watch them grow. I feel I can always get back work, but I can never get back these precious yrs in my children's lives. Enjoy this time. It goes by very quickly.

I think maybe your reply was not meant for this post. I was curious as to the number of grandparenets raising thier grandchildren. I know their are lots of us. And if any grandparents have found support groups that help.

Sorry about that. I think I read your post too quickly, and skipped over the grandparent part. I'm sure there's many grandparents on this site that have advice for you. Have fun w/ your grandchildren anyway. 8-)