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Bye "Grams"
06/27/2008 at 13:26 PM

Just found this site, looking for some insight...I'm Megan, 29 years old, single and no children. In my second year of an Early Childhood Education Program.

I had a trip planned to visit my friend from high school this weekend, haven't seen her in years. Suddenly my grandma had a brain aneurysm, and she died last night. The funeral is Sunday or Monday.

So how insensitive is it if I go to Minnesota 5 hours away, to see a friend? The rest of my family is flying home today and tomorrow to be there for the funeral. I would still make it to the funeral of course, but i wouldn't be there any earlier like everyone else. Any thoughts?

Megan, We all have to deal with death in our own way. If you feel that visiting your friend will bring you comfort then go. Just consider who might need you at home like your mother or father or such. Also, people might make judgement upon you for your decision and you should be prepared to deal with that. I'm sorry about your Grandmother.