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Biddick surname
01/28/2008 at 04:27 AM

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The name Biddick used as a surname was originally found only in Cornwall (Kernow), specifically in St. Issey parish. The name in Cornwall appears to be derived from that of the Breton (of Brittany, aka "Little Britain") name Budic meaning "victorious". Budic was apparently a Celtic hero of the Breton people. Why the Biddick name was derived from this, I do not know. What I do know is that since no one in our family ever lived in County Durham it is unlikely that there is a connection. As a topographical name it is indeed an Old Saxon word with the meaning this site has listed in the north part of England (Durham County). Furthermore, there are cultural differences between the Cornish culture and that of English. Naturally this includes language and naming conventions as the Welsh and Cornish are closely related, much in the same manner as Highland Scots and the Irish. DNA is another crucial issue. This study,
 has been very useful in interpreting data from actual DNA testing of family members has concluded the at least our branch of the family does not have Saxon origins, and does have the same markers as the Celtic-Basque genotype. Fortunatly today we live in an age where science can put to rest much confusion and incorrect theories about such matters.