Granddaughters father wont go away
11/30/2010 at 11:46 AM

about 6 year ago my daughter met a man through computer, she visit him a number of time in UK where he live, on one visit she became pregnant and they had plan to marry, very sadly my daughter miscarry baby at 3 months and my daughter came home to florida where we live.
We are hardworking jewish immigrant family from Russia and I was sad too because I had no grandchildren,
Some time passed maybe 2 month then my daughter visit this man again and she got pregnant aagain almost immediately but as soon as she test positive she came home to florida and she never been back to see this man, the man is in early fifties and my daughter is middle thirties and he is a catgolic which upset me a great deal as we are strict jewish, my daughter cut all contact with this man but he still write and send gifts for my granddaughter who is now 4 yr old,
I want this man out of our life but he keep getting in touch, we destroy the gifts he send but he wont get the message, 3 yr ago he had heart bypass and both me and daughter prayed he would die but he survive, i do not know what to do it is spoiling things for us