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Which grade???
04/29/2008 at 14:14 PM

I am new to this board and asking you for advice with my 4 year old gifted son. By the way, I am currently living in an Asian country.

My son goes to a pre-kindergarten and will be 5 yrs old on August 30.  Recently he has been offered places by 2 international schools. He will start  Year 1 (US equivalent kindergarten) in one school whose cutoff date is Dec. 31. However, another school with its cutoff date on Aug. 31 will only put him into Reception (US equivalent pre-kindergarten), which means that my son needs to repeat a year.

I prefer the latter school because of its dual language program and small class size. But... he is gifted, especially with math. Will he lose interests in going to school being one of the biggest in the class? Or can he be better off being confident in the class as long as teachers can accomodate his academic needs?

Please give your thoughts. Thanks!  noa

academically gifted and developmentally (socially and physically) normal? Put him in the school that will accommodate his emotional development. You can always enrich the academics if he's bored.

I'm responding b/c I recently had to make a decision for my daughter in 3rd grade that I wish I had made in preschool. Her birthday is Aug 25 so she made the cut-off to start Kindergarten after she barely turned 5. She is a gifted child academically as well.....socially she is not on the same level as her classmates and it shows. This has caused needless bullying and low self esteem for her. Teachers can always challege children within their classrooms to their learning level (the good ones can); a child may/may not be able to keep up with their peers socially. Hope that helps....I wish I had thought about it a little differently 3 years ago but hindsight is perfect. :-) Good Luck