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To test or not to test
09/13/2007 at 14:03 PM

My 8 year old son has recently been placed in our public school's gifted program which has a very rigorous screening process.  I am very proud however, after receiving the beginning of the year assessments (STAR, DIBELS) he has received extremely low scores in the area of reading.  I have done some research and have come across that often times gifted children have disabilities too.  I am wanting to have him tested to see if there is an existing disability that has gone on undiagnosed. But I do not want him labelled to the point that in the years to come he will not be eligible for scholarships.  Does anyone have any experience or advice in this area?

Hey showmest,


Welcome to the boards.  If a low test score is the only thing that is bothering you I would say you do not need to test.  What do his teachers say about him?  They are trained to see when a child has disabilities and I would talk to them and see what they think but I would not let a test score worry me too much.


What does everyone else think?