Son's Circumcision.
03/25/2013 at 16:41 PM


I am new here, but I am wondering if anyone has gone through something similar to what I am experiencing.

About 6 months ago, it came to my husband's and my attention that our 12 year old son had difficulties retracting his foreskin completely. We took him to a urologist, and she recommended that he be circumcised. We didn't have him circumcised at birth as we could not afford it, and by the time we could, it seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth. We eventually agreed, and she performed his circumcision.

After a few weeks, aesthetically, we thought she did a great job -- his glans was completely free of any foreskin, and although he had an obvious scar, it was symmetric and well back behind the rim. However, even though the wound had healed nicely, he was complaining of his glans rubbing in his underwear. We took him back to the urologist and told her of his discomfort. She examined him, said he healed perfectly, and explained that sometimes it takes a while before the glans dries out and becomes properly calloused, to protect him from rubbing of the fabric.

He is still bothered by the rubbing in his underwear.

Has anyone's son been bothered by this before, or know of someone who has? If so, does it eventually go away, or was there anything done to alleviate it?

Thanks in advance for your time...