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School wont test
01/15/2008 at 13:17 PM

My son's school has turned down my request to have him tested for the gifted program. He is in first grade and the school wants to wait until next year when they will have another set of Stan 10 scores. He received a referral from his teacher and score of 98% in Stan test last year. Any tips on dealing with this situation? Should I be patient or push it?

Is your son misbehaving in school because of boredom?  That would be the only thing that would lead me to disrupt his school day and blossoming social relationships by having him in a pull-out program. Has he expressed a desire to participate that wasn't a response to a question, did he come home and say that "Joey did blah blah blah, and I want to do it!"?  If that is the case, most things that they do in those programs are things that you can do independently.  Then you get to develop a deeper basis for your own relationship with your child. I have always done my own enrichment activities, my local school district doesn't really "do gifted." Except there is a before school orchestra available in 4th and 5th grades. 


I'm new here, but just found this post and had to reply.  We had the same issue and decided to have our child tested privately.  He wasn't enjoying school at all, was crying about having to attend, and was capable of doing work on a much higher level than was being offered.  Anyway, we had him tested privately (cost is around $300) and he's now in the gifted program.  Just wanted to throw out that option!