Question about testing a 6 y.o. for giftedness
02/01/2011 at 23:29 PM


I believe my son to be extremely bright or even gifted. He is currently enrolled in a very small private Christian school. He has been having many difficulties in authority and being quiet. His teacher and principal put him on a "plan" where when he achieves on of his goals for the day he gets a stamp. His first goal was to speak when only spoken to. This has been the same goal since pretty much the beginning of the school year. He also has a big issue with authority, especially women. His school does not see him as being bright or gifted, just that he is a problem child. It frustrated me to see that he had no friends in his class and that he only gets along with the older children in the school. I want to get him tested but I am not sure if he is too young (6 y.o.) or even where to begin with the testing. I currently see a therapist and he believes from what I have explained of my son that he may very well be gifted. What do I do? My son's father does not seem to be talking my concerns seriously and just chalks it off to him being a "boy with tons of energy",