Public School
09/09/2012 at 18:49 PM

My son is in 2nd grade. He was identified last year as gifted from IQ testing, observations, and academic testing. He has always loved school and just thinks it's so easy and fun. His kindergarten teacher and first grade teacher made him the classroom assistant. He loved it and I dealt with it. At the end of the year the school district tested him and he's in a gifted program one full day a week. That's great but he's not learning anything at all 4 days a week. He really isn't. The teachers let him play computer games during class time. Not educational games, but monster trucks and such.
This summer we did science experiments as a family because his school does not do any science or social studies instruction until 2nd grade and he was so curious. The school told me this year not to teach him at home because he will only be more bored in class. Today he asked me to do some math with him. At first I tried to move him on to doing something else, but he asked again and I got to thinking, "why am I holding my child back?" So we did some algebra. I am frustrated.
I am a special education teacher turned SAHM and I have a younger son who is in special education and struggles just to go to school. I have always said, my oldest is my easy child, but I am just now realizing that if I am really doing the right thing by my oldest, than it's not going to be easy either.
What have others done to help their children still learn in school?