Pre-Algebra based on Standardized tests?
06/30/2011 at 16:21 PM

My question: What are the best arguments to put forth to a school and argue that your child has been improperly placed in a math program? I want to make sure I don't meet with the adminstrators and be seen as a raving lunatic who just wants what she wants. I don't know what the key educator terms/words are and I would like to be prepared for a productive meeting.

My daughter just finished the 5th Grade and we received a notice that she is not eligible for Pre-Algrebra based on a rubric designed by the school. Where she fell extremely short was on the Cogats and the NJ ASK Math. Even though she scored Advanced Proficient on the NJ ASK, her score wasn't considered high enough to be graded on the school's rubric. She generally performs poorly on Standardized Tests. However, she is and always has been a straight A Student in math, and just recently won 3rd place in her school's math competition. On the rubric she scored very well for End of the Year Assessment, Team Recommendation, Year Grade Average and the Orleans Hanna Test Raw Score. Her teachers have always told me that she is an excellent math student.

I am very frustrated, but want to make sure I use the right terminology and arguments when I meet with the school to see if they will adjust her placement.

Any help would be appreciated.