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Need Some Advice From You Parents
03/05/2010 at 17:54 PM

I have began receiving comments about my son who will be two in May, and some people have even asked if he is gifted. I really didn't know what gifted was until i researched it and i can across this board and you all seem to have children similar to my son. Well, he as always been bored with his toys unless it'a a musical instrument, car, or blocks. But he as always figured out shape, and color sorters rather quickly, one time we got him a shape sorter and we took it back the next day because as soon as we opened it, he completed it. by the time he was 18 months he know all of the letters and some sounds. he can count to ten ( we only really taught him to count to four), can identify over 25 animals, and identify shapes and colors. We never have to try to really teach him any of these execpt for the letters, and he learned them all in less than 2 months. He picks up on things rather quickly and i think that is why he knows as much as he does. Reading time will last a good 30-45 minutes and he loves long stories. His speech is great (at the most 4 word sentences) and has been able to do 2-3 step commands before 18 months. He rote reads or memorized many of his simple books after hearing it 2 or 3 times. He is very polite, he says thank you and sorry without me telling him. He bows his head to say "Thank you Amen" before he eats. this is my only child, so i dont know what is normal, or what is execptional. what do you parents think?

He certainly is bright and ahead of your typical 2-year-old. If most of his accomplishments are "self-taught" he'll likely continue to be ahead of the curve.

By "knows all of the letters", when you show him flashcards and mix the letters up in various ways, can he identify each letter by saying the letter each time? What is meant by he knows "some sounds"? Can he identify, in the above manner, all numbers up to 10? Can he say the names of the 25 animals, shapes and colors, no matter what format they are presented to him? If so, he is likely gifted, if not, then he is still advanced for his age. Try to encourage him to play with the toys you state he is bored with so he will be well rounded.

Thank you for your feedback. I do understand what you are saying because it is very easy for children to learn things by rote and not fully understand. but yes, he knows the letters, he never learned them in any particular order in the first place and still doesn't know the complete order yet. Whether they are written, typed, in funkey fonts, he can identify them. he points out random letters he sees and even says the letters of words. For instant I have a book that is title, Your Baby's First Year. The word baby is in big bold red letters and he pointed to the letters and said b-a-b-y-s. This is the same with animals, shapes, colors. We have never used or own flash cards, everything he knows, he has learned for things around him. I have noticed he can recognize the animals whether they are real, in paint, in a coloring book. And yes it is the same with numbers. And thank you, I will try to pull out his toys and maybe switch out so that he does play with the same ones all the time.

I have to say, I disagree with having him play with toys he's bored with. What's the point? Play is supposed to be fun. Seriously, shape sorters are terribly limited. Once the kid gets it, there is little more entertainment that can be had of it. Puzzles are fun but my kids found that once it was solved, there was no reason to do it again. I have two gifted kids and they played with pretty much the same batch of toys daily during the toddlers/preschooler years.... a wooden train set, Little People barn, a various assortment of cars, a favorite stuffed animal, cardboard boxes and a Superman cape. A handful of open-ended toys that allow for imagination and creativity are all that's needed. Musical instruments, cars and blocks are fantastic toys for this age and I wouldn't at all worry that he's not interested in anything else yet.