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Mother to toddler (20 months) confused
04/21/2008 at 08:02 AM

Hello there...

I am Mom to Lillian (20 months old) and am a little lost and confused...  She does some incredibly strange things for her age and I've started to suspect she might be a bit different to other kids her age.  I think I'm really looking for someone to say 'your suspicion is valid' or 'nonsense, she's normal'.

She rolled over from her tummy to her back at three weeks and one day.  She rolled the other way from 2 months.  She sat from 4 months, and crawled at 5 and a half.  She has a vocabulary of over 200 words and uses 6 - 8 word sentences.  She reads at least 20 words.  She's incredibly empathetic and will pat a crying kiddie on the back or hug and kiss them if she percieves they're unhappy.  She's OCD about closing cupboard doors and straigtening rugs and packs her toys away when she's done with them.  She's supremely stubborn (this might be normal, except I'm stubborn and she's something I've never seen before).  Her grandparents say she's unbelievable - she adds a handful of words to her vodabulary every day, many of which she's only heard once.

She sings - 'crinkle crinkle litte star' and 'happy birsday to you' - loves music and has the most amazing rythm.  She doesn't sit still for a second unless she's enjoying a book or being read to.

I get funny looks from other parents because her outbursts are quite... I don't know... intense?

As I mentioned, I just want to know if I'm looking in the right place... I've got no support regarding this (besides my husband) and most of my friends think I'm being funny when I try to chat about what I'm experiencing.  I know I can't treat her like I thought I'd treat my child, because the 'usual parenting style' just doesn't work with her.

Any help & guidance (AND SUPPORT) would really be appreciated.

Congratulations! Sounds like you have a happy, healthy, possibly gifted child. Rejoice in it! Don't look at is as weird of different. You said you can't treat her like you thought you'd treat your child. Why? She IS your child. Love her, cherish her, guide her. I'd suggest buying lots FUN learning games. Take her to the library, museums, - let her explore the world around her. This should be a wonderful time for you both.

well you should move here...jefferson county is a highly cognitive area...lots of advanced learners. the children speak at 3 months old....its a gifted/highly gifted area....which is average for this area. oh and Average is gifted...the bell curve is a crock of crap... IQ is no more than are you able to learn...sometimes a child does remarkable things because of the environment in which they came from...generations of doing things earlier and earlier contribute to cause and effect. Yes your child is advanced...yes your child is are all that you know what you to your child and teach your child early to develop the talent your child has. I asked the same questions and found answers....the only thing true is....we all have different personality types and we all learn different. take care of the little one

You might consider having your child evaluated by a specialist. Once you find out what exactly is going on w/ her, you can get advice on how to better stimulate her and help her in every day life. It sounds like your daughter is doing great, though, so think positively. Focus on motivating her in ways that she can be successful. Good luck.

she sounds wonderful. I wish she were nearby for my 21 month old to play with some day LOL Both my girls were like that, and every day people comment on how smart they are, but it is all normal to me and I really have no perspective on what other people consider "normal." All I know is they surprise others and your daughter sounds similar. It is great if they can find playmates who are on the same level. Enjoy her. She will amaze you.