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Ive often wondered if my son is gifted.
02/10/2012 at 20:44 PM

I have often wondered if my son is gifted, he was born a do it yourselfer, I never knew where he got the information to be so creative, and he has always been so automatic. When he was very young the things he would say would have me laughing to tears. He has always been very giving. He is curious beyond any measure, and asks questions about everything. He surprises me and my family, because he watches something on tv, and we don't notice. So when we buy something advertised, he tells us how to use it. I ask him for advice often on how something works, because, he can usually figure it out better than me. He knows how to lie, so well. I could tell a story that astonishes everyone. I am always stunned at some of the things he comes up with. Do any parents with gifted children, see these behaviors in their own children.

he is really smart and i also know a 2 years old girl who is too smart and sometimes she does something which really makes us shocked.

True giftedness can only be determined by a battery of tests administered by licenses psychologists. Depending on the age of your child, to for it.