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IQ testing
02/29/2008 at 18:19 PM

Just a question. My 7 year old son (DOB 10/06/00) was tested for gifted using an IQ test and did not make it because they require a 128 and he scored a 122. That is OK with me......he's only in first grade but what I wondered was what does 122 mean??? Is he at least average?

Wondering in FL

  An IQ of 100 means that you are as smart in the things the IQ test measures as an average person your age.  An IQ of 122 means that your son is as smart in the things the IQ test measures as an average 8 1/2 year old, give or take a few months.    IQ tests are kind of bogus but those programs have to limit their enrollment somehow.

  I think all children need enrichment.    If you can, have a pet.  Raise a few vegetables. Read fat books with complicated plots and big words.  Cook together.  Plan your vacations and weekends, you can even stay in your own house and explore the things within an hour's travel of your home.  The programs offered by your school are a poor substitue for time spent with parents, neighbors and  grandparents, exploring the world. 


 It all depends on which test he took. If it was the WISC, his score would indicate thate he would be classified as "Superior". A score of 127 would put him in the 91-97 percentile range. To answer your question, he is in the category above high average.


My 6 yr 10 mo. daughter just took the WISC-IV. She scored (Composite Scores) VCI 144-99.8 % rank, PRI 143-99.8% rank, WMI 110-75 % rank, PSI 106- 66% rank, FSIQ 137-99% rank. With these scores, do you think she will qualify for her public school GT program? Please respond--thank you!

bah humbug ..I hate the term gifted. the bell-curve is a terrible way to treat students. IQ testing is no more than cognitive testing (are you able to learn) period...then they combine it with an achievement like test (usually areas of your weakness)..if your child isnt selected to be gifted. read about alfred binet......he invented IQ testing. I come from an area of high cognitive ability people. Yes, the whole area is gifted/highly gifted. We have an ability....But here is the kicker. We all learn different. some are visual learners..some are auditory some are hands on....Do you child a favor...learn what kind of learner your child is (from the IQ test taken), and teach your child can do more for your child than anyone.the system is so unfair. research every great inventor..(they all had a learning disability of some sort). Do your own research...My children have spoke since 3 months old...taught themselves piano lessons (just knew how to play).just know the answers to math...what they dont know it takes 1 time telling them how to. played chess at age 2....does this sound gifted to is normal here...its just what this area does...What your child is exposed to causes the outcome. Einstein was a terrible student...(tell him he was average)......encourage your child , love your child, expose your child to a variety of different adventures...Let your child blossom into whatever your child is ment to do with their life. So your child is happy, and you didnt push your child into being something your child didnt want to be. Sometimes the gift comes out later in life, Why?....because so many people have many unknowing giftes. But exposure is the key to build potential...and my child a visual or auditory learner . which ever cognitive defect a child has can be overcome with practice....Look for answers the internet has answers...for your child is just as special as the next. my children and I are 99 percentiles (IQ's in the 200 range), big deal...plain and simple...there are things we like and dont like just like everyone else. And the higher the cognitive ability the harder to keep the attention..... We are all gifted..........and we all have disabilities.

AMEN terri798! I just posted this answer for another person concerned about their child on a different message board. It would certainly apply here also. I just had a meeting with my son's math teacher on October 17, 2008. He is 12 years old and started middle school 6th grade this year (an adjustment for any boy I'm told by the male principals at the school). My son has been in the gifted class once a week since 3rd grade and has an IQ of 130+. His math teacher this year is really pushing me to have my child tested for a learning disorder. What's extremely aggravating to my husband and I is that the characteristics he exhibits are those of high IQ children as well as visual-spatial learning. The teacher said that Alex is disorganized, not focused when he should be and tardy to class. After speaking with my son and giving him some ideas of how to fix these situations he has corrected them. I received an e-mail last week from his teacher saying that he has not been tardy, he has handed in all of his assignments on time and he is doing good in class. Then just last Thursday at parent teacher she asked me if we have made an appointment for our son or has he seen a doctor yet????? I tell ya I think she needs to see a doctor. Any teacher worth their weight in salt will adjust the education to meet the need of the child and not expect the child to meet the curriculum. The principal even asked the counselor in our meeting on October 17, don't you see some ADD/ADHD tendencies??? First of all, I understand that they are not supposed to ask you these things. Second don't we all exhibit ADD/ADHD qualities sometimes. Doesn't mean we need medication. Two of our main concerns is that this is the first teacher in 12 years to have such issues other than the gifted and visual spatial learning issues that we already deal with. Secondly, she has only spent 25 hours out of 12 years with my son. Please read this information: (click on visual-spatial learners on the left hand side) then scroll down and click on "For more articles on the visual-spatial learner, please click here! Also, on this website under the articles is a great article called "Are you a creator?" which is written to VSL learner. The reason I'm suggesting that you look here is because the bad handwriting, "show your work" difficulties, and the reading but not writing to match are characteristics of the visual spatial learner. Schools teach primarily sequentially which does not work for visual spatial learners. It is not difficult at all for teachers to use different teaching styles for children. There are teachers that would like all children to learn the same way (It makes their job easier if everyone is a cookie cutter child). But most common sense people know that this is a unrealistic expectation. These people should not be teachers. My son is bright, funny, loves joking, loves reading, loves the outdoors, is a good skateboarder, can pick a four leaf clover out of the yard with little effort (see it likes its orange; it's that noticable to him), can appear to be daydreaming and pick up right where another student left off while reading aloud, could do the Tupperware ball of shapes at 11 months without hesitation, etc. He also tests terribly sometimes. He also tests in the 99 percentile every year on the Terra Nova testing the schools complete. Everyone has talents. And it's up to us as parents to know our children, help our children, teach our children and love our children.