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I would like assistance in choosing what program to enter in highschool
01/03/2011 at 19:47 PM

I am a gifted student and I'm in eighth grade and I would like some opinions on different programs in high school. All my teachers in school say I'm one (if not the) smartest kid they've ever taught. I don't feel better than everyone else though, I just get things without thinking about it, like linking things together ti get an answer except it happens really fast. I've tried skipping grades before in sixth but now it's too late. My guidance counselor wouldn't let me skip because I would be entering in classes where everyone would be more mature than me, but I have the opposite problem. I'm just so separated from my peers that I know my teachers better than them. I can't even have a real conversation with any of my friends because I can't be myself because they wouldn't understand.

Now on to the main issue besides my psychological issues. So I'm going into high school and I'm probably going to become an engineer (mechanical or chemical most likely) when I go to college. I have two problems though: 1) I don't really know if I would be good at engineering because there isn't that type of learning in school. and 2) I need to decide on a couple if colleges I want to go to and what they think of each of my academic propositions. So any suggestions on the college part would be useful

My different plans for high school are:

1) IB. It's the most work of any of my choices but my Chinese language credits wouldn't count and none of the really big schools would accept the credits and think AP=IB anyway. Also, I have a teacher that did IB and doesn't think its for me because even though I'm a hard worker, IB is for students that can work really hard but it isn't super academically challenging and I would get bored from all the projects.
2)Take honors, AP, and dual enrollment and graduate with my associates degree. While this option saves time and money A) all of my credits might be accepted by the college I go to and B) for my first two years of high school even taking extra classes with FLVS (Florida Virtual School) would get boring.
3) Finish high school in 2-3 years (I would do this by either 1) Taking all accelerated pace classes on FLVS- finishing a full semester class in half a semester therefore finishing high school in half he time.2)Doing 1 for the equivalent of two years in high school or 1 year accelerated pace. Then I would go to the high school and take dual enrollment and AP classes for two years and get my Associates degree.) This option saves my time but going to college at 17 might be a little scary and/or difficult. I think this is a good option because I don't care about prom and homecoming or anything like that. I wrestle and thats a nice sport even though my kind of friends think I'm weird because I am a girl. I also take Chinese on FLVS for fun (also a good source of language credits) and I play the trumpet. This plan also has the most cons because
A) I want to take band and march in high school. I would have to figure out a way of A) going to the high school and staying in the library taking FLVS and going to band at the appropriate time or B) taking FLVS at home and walking the short distance from my house to the high school for band class.
B) I don't know if I'm allowed to do option 1 or 2
C) I'm afraid of losing motivation
D) Getting the school to approve it

If I could work out #3 and have it look good to colleges it would probably be the one I choose.

Thank you for reading this very long explanation, any opinions or suggestions on these plans or college suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

See if you can go to an 'engineering camp' sponsored by a college. These camps are usually fairly inexpensive and you will get a feel for if you have a talent for engineering. You may also make contacts there that will help you with your other questions.

Review your options with the guidance counselor at the high school you plan to attend. It is admirable that you have put so much thought into your future. Going to college at 17 is not much different than going at 18. Keep in mind that you may find that once you attend high school, you may at some point begin to "care about prom and homecoming or anything like that".

In my state, the school districts allow home-schooled students to take any number of regular school classes, you just have to take care of your own transportation. Three of my children took band or orchestra while home-schooled.

Hi Hope. My suggestion to you is one that can be understood from one gifted person to another: no one else can know for sure what's best for you other than YOU. You have an ability to sense beyond the surface of things. If you trust in your own power to interpret and 'feel' your way through, you'll find that you already know the answer. It won't come 100% from your head - a part of it will also come from somewhere you probably can't describe to anyone else but you know is right. You don't have to have all the answers for your whole life today. There will be many chances to alter your path as you go along. Focus on what you believe to be best for you right now, and do that with each step of the way. You won't go wrong. If you want to share your thoughts with some other gifted people, try going to http://giftedforlife.com. You'll find others who totally understand and recognize what you're going through. I wish you all the best.

After you have explored your options, pick one. Then wait a day or two and review your decision. Sometimes you will feel uneasiness, sometimes you will feel confidence. If you are uneasy, take another look at your decision. My daughter was planning to take a trip to France with the middle school French class. She felt uneasy. She found that the high school French class was also traveling to France. She thought about it for a while, and decided to go with the high school group instead. The problem was, she STILL felt uneasy. Finally she decided not to go to France at that time (age 14). After she finished high school, she had the opportunity to spend over a year in France--so she did.