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Home school or public school for GT kid?
10/07/2007 at 17:41 PM

Hello :) New here and already learning a lot !

What's your opinion on this- is it better to home school a GT kid or have him/her be in public school?

My almost 11 yr old son gets 100's on most everything. He's gotten 100's on his TAKS tests too. He says he's bored at school and rarely has homework because he does it at school. His teachers said that sometimes he does the work but then doesn't turn it in which has been a problem almost every year. They agreed with me when I said that's probably because he already knows the work so why bother doing it. He's in 5th grade (cut off Sept 1) and FINALLY will be tested for GT (I should have done this in 1st grade but everyone said that it will get harder in 4th grade and so far it's not. I should have trusted my instinct).

I'm starting to think that he would benefit more with a faster pace than they are doing at school and doing home schooling with him except that my husband won't go for that. :(  He thinks he needs the socialization skills too therefore he needs to go to school. He has social skills problems too as his thoughts are 'out there' and none of the other kids understand him. His actions are immature though and always have been and the teasing hurts his self esteem. He is very sensitive, overly so I think. All he wants is for people to like him.

Maybe he could still go to school and I can also work with him on more advanced grades of homeschool curriculum?

I am both a teacher and the parent of a gifted daughter.  Homeschool!


Find a homeschool group in your area, to satisfy the social concerns, and homeschool!  As a gifted kid myself, I was always bored in school.  It's not going to get any better.  Even as the subjects get more difficult, he will always learn it faster than his peers.  Finding subjects that challenge him and people who are more like him, whether same age or older, will greatly improve his confidence and self-esteem.

Good luck!


First I would have my child tested by the school district to see if he is indeed gifted if you have not.  I did this with mine in the 3rd grade and had a fight on my hand to get it done.  All of his teachers were for it except one.  Guess what ......I was right he was gifted.  I both home  schooled and public schooled him thru the years depending on the circumstances.  When switching him from one to the other he always took placement classes and was usually ahead of his class.  One time he aced a high school  World Histroy final exam and never had studied that at public school or home.  Truly gifted  kids absorb sutff like sponges.  Our local schools offer a gifted class that meets a couple of times a week during remedial class time for kids who need a little more help, to offer extras to those gifted kids and to challenge them.  Maybe something like that could be started where you live.   That way all the kids had special classes they attended pretty much and no one was labeled the "bookworm" and no one the "dummy".

I would also offer this advice before beginning home school and ruling out public schools completely keep in mind the time and effort you will have to devote to his education and decide if that will be something you can do year after year.


The social thing sounds like a maturity issue, which will resolve with time as long as the child is protected from bullies. 

I homeschooled my 16 year old from age 10 to age 14, gradually adding more public school to his schedule.  It's funny, he has a very different view of the social skills thing than I do.  From what I see, the home-schooling gave him a chance to mature at his own rate, and not deal with the environment that would have been toxic to him.  He thinks that the purpose of public school is to teach you how to deal with mean people.  This came out in the context of a writing assignment in his 10th Grade English class. 


Homeschool! I teach in middle school, but am going to quit this year to homeschool my daughter. Usually people spit out the "but they will lack in social skills" line jst b/c that's what someone else spit out. In the middle school environment there are Many social skills learned that many parents wish weren't! It's my experience also that if a child is lacking in social skills, the school environment doesn't improve the situation any. More often than not, it actually makes things worse. If you have a social butterfly, they will be that way either homeschooled or in public school. If you have a shy child, they will be shy either way. (The solution to a shy child would not be to put them in a class with 20 something other kids to fight for attention and battle peer pressure and ridicule) I know many homeschool families, and their children are very social. Find a homeschool group in your area, stay involved in church, go to the library/park/shopping at times other kids are there, and look into community activities. Many times homeschool children are better socialized than public schooled b/c they have more personal attention and get to socialize with many people of many differnt ages and backgrounds in everyday life. Good Luck!

I am a gifted student and am going to be a sophomore in high school. I skipped a grade and have a 4.0 still :). I think it is important for your child to learn to help others when it is easy for him. Also when he gets a job everything isn't going to be challenging. I really think it just depends on your child though. I love school for my friends as kids get older it is very important to have social skills. I am in a public school, moved to get to a better one, but I take action. I take AP classes and can take classes online at an accelerated rate for my best subjects. At the same time I go to school, do sports, and hang out like everyone else.