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Hiding her abiliy
09/22/2009 at 13:08 PM

My daughter is in 2nd grade and already hiding what she is interested in and how bright she is in class. She refuses to write periods (told her teacher she has "dotaphobia", purposely skips questions on her tests (she only wants to get "B"s on her papers), and writes all her math problems backwards. She loves politics, geography, and poetry - but in class will pretend she doesn't know anything about them. How can I help her become more confident? She loves school and has lots of friends. Her teacher feels she is gifted, but doesn't want to have her tested becasue he thinks that she will purposely do poorly on the test because she doesn't want to be "smarter and have to do more work". Any advice would be great


I think she sounds plenty confident.  And I'm not worried about her social skills.  Let her chart her own course.  Just accept the fact that she is already a self-motivated learner, which is what the schools say they want to turn children into.  She can start showing off for the College Entrance people when she's older.

The reason that the school administration wants her tested is so they can get funding to educate her.  I am a cynic.    Her teacher probably is genuinely concerned, but I don't see where the program marked out by your daughter is hurting her.

Keep engaging her on an advanced level in your own interactions with her.  You are doing fine.


She is probably not doing herbest because her interest levels are well beyond her current workload.  Find projects that challenge her, that she is interested in.  Once she finds her niche, her curiosity will probably get the better of her.

I wish it was as simple as schools wanting  funding..


Most gifted education programs aren't fully funded or in some cases even mandated to be offered.  http://www.geniusdenied.com/policies/StatePolicy.aspx?NavID=6_0