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Gifted but Lost
08/29/2011 at 15:31 PM

I am 22 years old, and have been working on a 2 year degree for 4 years due to lack of motivation, and becoming bored easily in my classes. I have taken a couple IQ tests and have come up at 126.
I attended a private school until 10th grade, so was not able to be in a gifted program. In junior and senior year my grades weren't good enough to get into a gifted programs.
Now I'm struggling with college, and know that I have missed my chance for early childhood habits and learning needed to develop that gift.
So what do I do now as a college student, as an adult, to make sure I'm in the right kind of classes and social groups to take advantage of my gift?

Are you still dependent on your parents, or are you providing for yourself? If you have marketable skills, and have a job, then you may want to solidify your financial management skills for a while. When you've got a financial reserve, then you can have adventures or take classes that will help you explore your passions.

I feel like you do at times too. My advice is to become involved in as much as you can and experience everything that interests you. Your school probably offers some guest speakers, lectures, clubs, mini field trips, etc. I've already graduated but I feel the boredom and monotony of every day work especially since my gifts were never developed either. I have so much to offer but I get so many urges and I don't know how to act on them. I can keep working on it because I know that I can still do better and do more than I am.

If I were you, I'd identify all the "likes". Do you read novels? Do you like to write? Are you an "idea person"? Do you gravitate towards sports? Are you mechanically inclined? Also, what is your personality type? I am an "INFP" myself, which means I'm an introvert (among other things).