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Bored or ADD?
09/20/2013 at 19:14 PM

I'm new here. My daughter is 4 and started Kindergarten this year. She didn't meet the cut off but she tested high and ready for kindergarten. We decided to put her in a private school that is supposed to be progressive. They told us they move students along at the pace the student moves. So I expected that since my daughter was already reading she wouldn't be doing her ABC's 7 weeks into school! Maybe a quick review and moving on to word forms and spelling, but she is still bringing home letter worksheets along with books to read?! Does this make sense?
She has slowed down with her in class work which makes me feel like she's bored with her work. I am an elementary art teacher so I understand this behavior. I just don't know how to address my concerns. I have emailed the teacher who seems to have bigger issues with the FOUR other students in the class! We have given her a reward system at home for doing her work in class but that only lasted about two weeks. I feel like I'm not getting what I pay for.

PLEASE HELP this is our only child so we are a little new at this.

My daughter goes to a private school. I think maybe she is bored of abc's so she's slowing down. Also Have you tried asking her how she feels about it? Hope this helps. -GlamGirl