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Bored boy!
09/19/2013 at 23:33 PM

We had a meet the teacher evening tonight and I asked the teacher how my 12 year old son was doing. She said that she had planned to set a meeting with us because his communication (he is in French Immersion school)did not seem up to grade level or he couldn't seem to follow even simple directions. He was there and I asked him what he thought he said it had to do with his attention and would tune out and I asked him why he said he was bored. Even though I asked these questions I knew all the answers but was doing it for the benefit of the teacher and these have been the same issues over the years. Academically he has always done very well with little or no work. We did try and have him in the gifted program but as this is his last year in Elementary School (Grade 7) and they usually start in the program in Grade 5 there were no spots. So now we are back to what to do. I am stuck; I don't want to lose him where school is concerned but here we are for another year of him zoning out and how do we get him more engage. Any ideas, help, etc; anything!