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appropriate education for gifted toddler
07/15/2011 at 16:05 PM

Hello. I'm looking for advice regarding my 2 year old. I've had him in the same highly accredited learning center since he was an infant. I've really been very pleased with this center, as my child is loved and cared for there and has developed close relationships with his teachers. My toddler is also gifted, testing at least at a kindergarten level. I recently was taken aside by his teacher who expressed concerns that he has been increasingly bored at school. He doesn't verbally engage in any of the activities anymore, although he continues to be cheerful and occupies himself with books while the other children do their activities. I've spoken with school staff about advancing him but per regulations that is not an option. I did enroll him in one of their enrichment programs to "mix it up" a bit for him, but he began that class over a year ago and now that they are recycling the curriculum that teacher also reports he appears "bored." When he comes home, he often plays "school" with his toy dinosaurs and talks a lot about his teachers, so it seems he continues to hve a positive experience there. I just wonder whether I ought to consider moving him to a school more geared towards giftedness to prevent the boredom, or if removing him from a nurturing environment would be even more detrimental. Any advice is appreciated!

Give me a feeling for how he's doing in non-academic things--does he like to cuddle, imagine things other than school, what are his large motor skills like--can he ride a tricycle, throw a ball, how about fine motor--can he draw a circle that closes, a fairly straight line, does he sing and dance and can he observe things and describe them to you?

Yes, he's very affectionate. He's good at making friends but his best friends are in the older classrooms. He's also really empathic- he'll comment on other children who look sad and in his class will comfort children who are upset. This is actually a big part of my dilemma as he's such a sensitive kid and I know he's connected to his teachers and school environment. As far as motor skills, we haven't gotten him a trike, but I can say that he has consistently been ahead in motor development since infancy and picks up stuff (negotiating new playground equipment, etc) almost immediately. He draws circles and lines with no problem, about 6 months ago drew his first "drawing"- a bird with a beak. He LOVES to sing and dance so I enrolled him in a music class at school, which was the enrichment program I'd referred to earlier. He also narrates stories to me constantly and in incredible detail, sometimes about events from months ago, many aspects of which I'd forgotten.