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Quick Desserts
07/08/2008 at 12:59 PM

What kind of quick desserts do you all make when trying to calm a sweet tooth?  I sometimes take a spoon and scoop a spoon full of Cool Whip from the container and eat that.

I like to take grahm crackers and any icing that I have available at home. I just spread a thin layer of icing on it and a couple of them do the trick. I prefer the confetti icing bceause it is colorful. I also like to cut up strawberries(Driscoll's are the best) and cut up a banana when it is perfectly ripe, add a little sugar or splenda and mix it all together. Ooh, and my favorite is taking the hard grain bars(apple & cinamon, peanut butter) crunching them up into vanilla yogurt and adding a ripe banana. Sometimes I eat this for breakfast and lunch.

Have you ever heard of "Christmas Jello". First chill cherry or strawberry/banana jello then drain the fruit juice and add fruitcocktail to it. Delicious!

I just laughed and laughed. I didn't know that fruit coc ktail needed to be censored.

That is funny. I got bleeped once for writing something that was totally innocent. It's good for a laugh anyway. My kids and I love chocolate covered strawberries or frozen chocolate shelled banana pops. Also, a great easy dessert is peach melba. Layer a slice of pound cake, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and canned peach halves (2/portion). Then top w/ heated raspberry jam. It's delicious and super easy!

You dessert reminds me of one called Berry Bliss Cake. It layers of pound cake, raspberries, vanilla pudding, and Cool Whip.

Do you happen to have the recipe for the Berry Bliss Cake? It sounds so good.