Getting Bigger, Getting Married, Need Help!
02/26/2011 at 14:14 PM

I have a 4 month old and a 2 yr old, I can't seem to stay motivated enough to excercise and I see my body changing. I had lost all the weight but have continually gained it back and then some. Supposed to be getting married in less than a year. What should I do, and any advice on losing the pudge on the lower belly?! I'm only 21 I don't feel this is how I should feel about myself so any advice would be Awesome and much apprecieated!

In general, I think it is not a good idea to work for family members. There are some people who can separate out what is expected in the family relationship from what is expected in the business relationship, but often both relationships get ruined. Find another job. It would be really nice if you could support your family without competing with your brother's company, but your first obligation is to support your family.


Jim is very angry with his parents. No matter what, he wants to blame parents, he's bitter. If a child makes a mistake, Jim traces it back to the parents. Jim has yet to share with us any personal experiences in how he chose to raise his own children. Kind of hard to take him seriously when he only speaks out of spite rather than personal experience.