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being over weight
05/11/2009 at 11:02 AM

being over weight is so hard i have tried a lot of things and i do okay for a month or so,have tried all the fad pills have tried to just not eat, when in school i was size 6 now a size plus after the kids the pounds just came "with help from me and food "i watch the biggest loser wouldnt it be nice if we all could go on the show and leave with pounds gone,but now the real world because going on a show is not what is in everyones life .so now im done with the fast diet im trying a new way im trying hard to not let myself over eat and im trying to watch some things i eat and if i want to cheat i do im just trying to make sure i go lite with the cheat i have kids who eat icecream so i decided to go with bryers lowfat icecream and yes it is good but i only allow myself a half a cup a week has anyone really lost weight this way or should we all give in and just stay big? my goal is to loose any pounds now i wont set it high because at this point it would be nice to even loose 5 pounds my dream is to be able to go in a store run into od high school friends and not hear i almost did know you "when i know what they are thinking is i almost didnt know the fat on you "im tired of feeling weird when i get up from a place from eating and some day i want for my kids to go to school and not be tod your mom is fat because as much as we ike to pretend this doesnt happen it does i have been on both sides the size 6 "hundreds of dates" looking at people who are big weird ,be careful what you do. because it might just come back to BITE you in the rear .

I've taught my kids to respond to rude comments by saying "And you're mom raised rude kids." Get enough sleep, food, water and exercise to feel energetic. The rest is just buying into the sick part of modern culture.

Though tempting, it is not the best for your health to "give in and just stay big". Yes, it is possible to lose weight by eating sensibly and exercise. As far as seeing former schoolmates and their perception of you, almost no one is the same size they were in high school. At graduation I was a stick thin 92 lbs at 5'4" and 36 years and 2 kids later am over 50 lbs heavier. A few lbs overweight for my age and frame (which I am always trying to lose but it keeps finding me unless I get enough exercise and watch my portions) and I get the identical reaction you describe and a few times even "what happened to you" type comments. Probably not trying to be but still rude. Keep on with the healthy food and snack choices, portion control, and get out and exercise with your children whenever possible. Your health is the most important issue here and being around to parent your children for a long, long time!

I think a lot of people are also having the same struggle, you are right though kids can say the worse things as for the old friends OMG that has happen to me also so do not feel alone we change and our body changes to i to have a weight problem that i have been trying to deal with it is so hard when you go in to try on clothes and their are so many mirrors is it not enough that we know we have fat everywhere but now we have to see it in 3 'D that is what i call it because it is coming at you from all directions of coarse I'm thinking it would be hard to see the clothes with out a mirror just know you are not alone good luck with the eating right !

I do know what you mean i started skinny and so far looks like i will end Fat ,it is hard being big and sometimes the clothes are so ugly! with all the magic pills out that i have spent most of my adult years trying to loose weight on i could have bought me some nice jewelry ,and you don't want me to get started on the clothes for the plus why is it they have got to gunk them up ,and some even have words like a lot to love why would a plus size want to wear that it is not like the whole world can not tell with there own eyes that we have a lot to love already its like seeing is not believing they need to read it too .and some have even got cows on them like we need to wear cows on our clothes.i do wish you the best and hope you can be one of the few who make it to their dream size !

thanks everyone just knowing we are not alone helps i plan to give this new diet my all and it might just work

Hi casey, What worked for me was cutting out sugar from my diet and eating smaller quantities at mealtime. I drink mostly water all day long, and I snack on raw fresh vegies. I still eat cheeseburgers, but I'll eat turkey burgers instead on a light roll. Get plenty of fiber in your diet as well. There's a supplement called Fiber Choice Weight Management. You can buy it over the counter at pretty much any pharmacy or grocery store. It's all natural, and it helps suppress your appetite. Exercise is also good, but start out slow. Walking, bike riding or even swimming are great means of exercise. Get yourself in the mindset that you're determined to lose the weight, then stick to your goal. If I cld do it, you cld do it. Good luck!

Have you try weight managment programmme club. I found that work for my family and friends.