Whether to talk to son(s) about dating after divorce.
04/07/2008 at 07:46 AM

A little background, my wife and I divorced a little over a year ago.  Marriage had some serious damage, but we seldom let it show to our kids.  I wanted to keep trying, despite knowing my own faults/contributions to a distant relationship & flawed marriage.  She fell for someone else and continues to date the person for whom she left the marriage.  My kids are now both within the age range of 6-10.  We are nearly 50/50 in our time with them.

My question(s): Should I ask either of my kids what they think about the other guy being around?  She hid the relationship from them for a year+ but now is having him over to the house a bit.  Not sure whether I should only wait to see if they want to talk to me about it.  Also, I am beginning to date and wonder whether (or how much) they should know about that.  Thanks