What happened to sharing and compromising in a marriage?
03/10/2011 at 12:11 PM

Men, husbands, boyfriends, whatever you choose to be. My husband and I have our difference on how to spend our money. I of course, come from a family that values money and choose to spend it wisely. All he knows is that he works hard and therefore he spend it on toys, games, and entertainment.
So we are trying to save money for our new house. We had a discussion about giving up television. He said I couldn't live without my t.v. because all the reality shows I watched. He watches all his sports and drama. Our cable bill is about almost $100. I think that is ridiculous! I kept on telling him to fix it or else I will. I decided to down graded our cable to a lesser payment. I did call him to tell what I did. Well come on, we have internet and he got his driod phone.