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What are the Welfare Rules??
12/23/2009 at 03:12 AM

ive been googling a lot of stuff about welfare, cash aid, medi-cal. I know there are certain rules that u are not allowed to have on welfare or any of what i typed...

I know this lady who has 5 kids 10-2yrs old.... She was been in and out of homes. She was renting the 1st house for abt a yr 2nd house for abt a yr 3rd house for abt a yr and now shes in an apartment(expensive 3 bdrm ) 2 cars and the boyfriend is living with her?? wouldnt that be considered welfare fraud?? she doesnt work the boyfriend doesnt work only 4 hrs dor 2 days out of the week how is she affording alot of the stuff that she has??

What are the welfare, cash aid, medi-cal rules?
Child support money?

Being on any of this i thought u wernt suppose to have a car payment the byfriend living at the house?