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Trouble connecting with 9 year old Daughter
01/25/2014 at 23:04 PM

I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. My oldest is 12 and is bubbly, fun and her personality is exactly like mine. We get along really well and always have fun together. My youngest is 9 and I am really struggling to connect with her. She is very immature and acts a lot like a five year old. She is still sucking her thumb and has frequent bowel accidents. We have spent thousands of dollars to make sure there was not a medical reason for the accidents and there is not. I get easily frustrated with her because I feel she does it on purpose. She does not listen to me at all. She tends to be more of a daddy's girl and he tends to let her get away with everything. I try to spend bonding time with her and just stresses me out! I hate feeling this way but I don't know what to do! She drives me crazy!!! Please HELP!