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Toddler rejects daddy and he's not dealing well
09/25/2013 at 20:31 PM

Hi, I'm hoping someone has some advice. My husband and I are having difficulties, to say the least, and he is very stressed at work. He is not a hugely patient person to begin with and dealing with our 3 year old seems to be putting him over the edge. Our child routinely rejects him in favor of me. Tonight at bedtime he went to help our child put on pajamas shirt our child grabbed and said "no, mommy." He stomped out of the room and when our child asked where he went I replied that daddy's feelings were hurt and the child should go apologize. I'm not really sure that was the right thing for me to say. But, it gets worse. When the child did so, my husband said "if you are mean to me, I will spend less time with you". He says things like this to me and I can cope because I'm an adult and frankly, don't want to spend so much time together anyway. But to say such a thing to a 3 year old, am I right that that's a really good way to ensure you mess the kid up? What would you say to him? Should I just pack up and leave?

I really appreciate any advice.