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TAXES, of the people, by the people?
03/04/2009 at 16:44 PM

I was just wondering how many of us hire somebody to do our taxes, and how many do our own (or have a spouse that does)? Also anybody have any helpful hints?

On the IRS website you can now use the search box to get your forms and instructions. Big improvement!

I never do my own taxes but I am a big believer in hiring the people who know what they are doing to do the job. I wouldn't pull my own tooth, I wouldn't take out my own tonsils and I don't do my own taxes. :-) Marti

I'm with you on the health (and plumbing and electrical, and brakes) issues. Ever since I got my first job at 14 years old, I've been doing my own taxes. I think those guys that missed the presidential appointments would have been better off doing their own. ;-} I think that besides keeping you more aware of your own financial dealings, it helps you understand the US government in a different way. anybody else want to weigh in? Hire it done/do it myself/helpful hints.

We don't do our own taxes either. I have in the past, and it's more work than I want to handle now. Certain things are better off in the hands of those you trust.

I'm just happy to read that you've been doing your taxes since you were 14! I have a 29 year old daughter that used to do hers when she could just do it on the phone. Now that she has a job where she lives in one state and gets her paycheck from another state, it seems to be too much effort for her to file them. I suggested that she go to a tax service agency. She didn't take my advice. She hasn't filed her taxes in 3 years. I told her she is just letting money that probably she would be receiving back just lie on the table. Any suggestions on how to get someone to do this???? Thanks

How is your daughter getting away w/ not filing her taxes? She better hope this doesn't catch up to her.

proudmom Does your daughter have any interest in politics or serving as Commerce Secretary? Apparently a lot of influential people have trouble getting the paperwork done. ;-D